What Harry Potter Books Should Look Like


There are only two things wrong with the Harry Potter books.  They just don't look right with the child like graphics on the dust jacket.   They should look like Hogwart's Library books.     The other thing wrong;  they aren't going to last unless you protect them.  From Prisoner of Askaban onward,  the books were made with glued bindings, just like paperbacks and we  know how well they hold up.   Well, we solved both problems, so when you showed up  in forty years on Antique Roadshow your books will be in pristine condition, protected by our custom made slip case.    In the meanwhile these slip cases will make your Harry Potter books look totally awesome. 

  These hand made cases make each book in the series look old, look mysterious,  look almost magical.     

Each case is constructed out of acid free materials and built to Library of Congress standards for book protection cases.  Using genuine leather for slip case covers presented some nearly insurmountable problems. so we are happy to say that no animals, real or magical,  were hurt to make these cases.   The outer cover of each case is made from a special  hand made paper that took us years to find.  The paper is made by two paper artisans, right here in the US.  We dye the paper in a variety of earth tone colors to produce a beautiful aged patina on each slip case.  Each case exterior is unique because of this process. Everything is  entirely hand made in our shop in an old warehouse building in Philadelphia. Just before we are done building the case, the artisan binder adds small decorative color and design touches that are unique to your slip case.   Our cases are built to very close tolerances so they will only fit the  Scholastic Press, edition, published in the United States.   These are the books with the foil embossed dust jacket.   Any other edition, you must send your book to us to be measured and we will make a custom case for your book.  Same price, nothing extra, except the return shipping.   If  you order a case and it doesn't fit,  as sometimes happens when book agea and the binding gets a little loose or swollen, just send the case back with your book and we'll replace the original case with one made just for your book.  This takes about two weeks to do.   Again, no extra charge for this. 

100% American made hand craftsmanship using  archival grade materials.  These cases will protect your Harry Potter books for many future generations.   



Yes, we also rebind Harry Potter books. 

We can repair and rebind your own copies of Harry Potter books, either in designs similar to what you see here on the slip cases (Non-leather) or with custom full leather bindings.   When rebound these books will be stronger structually than when they were first made due to the superior materials we use for hinging the covers.  These prices are if you supply your book to us.  If you want us to acquire and rebind a book, then we would add the cost of acquiring the book to the final invoice. 

Non-leather bindings - $190.00 per book 

Full Leather bindings - genuine goatskin leather, raised bands on the spine; titles in old script font, new endpapers. - $335.00 per book

Full Leather Bindings with custom art work leather inlay panels, raised bands on the spine; new end papers, extra embossed tooling to make the binding truly awesome; these are custom order bindings and take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete and ship, so if ordering as a gift allow enough time for us to make and ship the book.   $650.00