We are currently looking for bookstores and other unique art retail outlets that would be interested in carrying this line of custom hand made cases.    Without a doubt these are a major eye catching display item, and they are particularly effective in catching the eye of young people who grew up on Harry Potter, an enormous current and future market.   They are a perfect sale item for millennials who are just now acquiring disposable income and who whose art and decoration taste are inline with the Hogwarts vision presented in the movies.  

Older adults will recognize the awesomeness of these cases and buy them for grandchildren.  

You will be able to sell one case or a set.   Selling a case at a time will generate on average six more visits to your store as your customers come back for the additional cases. 

Call and speak to us for more information on becoming one of our resellers.  Our number is 267-984-8213 and ask to speak to David.