We Can Rebind Most Harry Potter Books  

We can repair or rebind most Harry Potter books, but be aware that from Prisoner of Askaban onward, many of the  books were made with cheaper style binding where the pages are glued together and then glued to the spine cover.  When the glue dries and breaks, it is the end of your Harry Potter book.  The pages start to fall out in clumps.  Usually we can still repair them at this stage, but it is better to get the book to us before this happens and we can rebind it with a new Hogwarts Style binding.


Artisan Bindings

Custom Art  Design covers in the same overall style and with the same overall materials we use for the Slip Cases.

Each new binding will get new inner hinges (extremely important) new head bands, new endpapers, new cover boards overwrapped with our hand made, hand dyed,  super strong artisan papers.   This new binding will be structurally stronger than the original binding, and I have no doubt it will last many generations with heavy use.  These bindings are the perfect gift for Potter fans who do not want leather.   They look like aged 200 year old leather, but the materials are all hand made.   You must supply your copy of Harry Potter (and it must be in moderately decent shape for us to be able to work with it) or we can source a used copy in good condition and rebind that at a slight additional cost.   Contact us for instructions on getting your Harry Potter book to us.     This style custom rebinding usually has 3-4 week turn around time, as we custom make all the materials  for each order, so each order is slightly unique from any other.

Artisan Bindings - $190.00

Genuine Leather Bindings

With this option, we will rebind any Harry Potter book with genuine, premium quality goatskin leather.  You get all the same upgrades as above, along with the awesomeness of genuine leather.   Each binding will come titled in gold with custom coloring and embossing.  

Full  Leather Bindings - $325.00

Leather Design Bindings -   these are truly spectacular bindings, all hand done.   They include custom artwork embossed into leather onlays which are mounted on the book cover.  The artwork is hand drawn into the leather with a pointed brass stylus and then hand colored by the binder.  Each book is therefore unique in its final appearance and truly one of a kind.  Please allow 6-8 weeks from receipt of yo[ur Harry Potter book at out work shop for the final binding to be completed. 

Note:  if you have your own artwork that you would like to have made into a custom binding, contact us for a review of the artwork so we can determine if it is convertible to a leather binding.    We prefer black/white drawings. If you want art work with custom colors, supply a black/white drawing with mark ups for the colors.  We can usually work with  Illustrator, IDraw or PDF files. 

Design Bindings - Start at $650.00

For Immediate Orders

Occasionally we do get a jump start and create a few bindings without having a specific order on hand.  These bindings are listed on our For Sale pages and can be ordered for immediate shipment as long as the inventory level shows one in stock.  Prices are shown on the sale page.












We can design a binding with your own artwork or ours.

If you have your own artwork you want made into a custom binding, we can usually do that.   You would have to supply the artwork to us for evaluation.  There will likely be some editing needed to make the image file into something our die maker can work with, but we will help you with that.   

Or we can utilize the style we use for the custom slip cases and make a binding that looks like that.   We can also do full leather bindings as you see in the photos.  Half-Blood Prince is a two tone, hand dyed design with an embossed pattern laid down at the color lines.   Check out the titles, the letter is all hand painted in with special leather pigments in a reverse color pattern.    A binding like this starts at $800.00.

The Sorcerer's Stone with Erised Mirror image is David's favorite binding.   It is full leather with false raised bands on leather dyed dark brown.  The front cover image is hand embossed into the leather with a small heated brass tool, then painted by the binder with special leather pigments and dyes.   Due to copyright issues,  this binding resides in David's collection and is not for sale, but illustrates the level of design and art we are capable of producing.  

The steam punk style Sorcerer's Stone is a full leather binding done with the same embossing and hand painting and starts at $800.00, if based on this style, higher if  different design is needed and artwork approved. 

If you want a one of the kind binding for your Harry Potter books, give us a call.